"Reality: Escape from planet earth!"
Hey everybody! Get ready for my new book called; "REALITY: ESCAPE FROM PLANET EARTH". It is a follow up to; "Infinite
astronauts: The Theory of everything"! It's about ancient evidence indicating future technologies existed with people before us.
They live in the sky and say they've always existed. This led me to figure out how!. I explain how the meteor of Russia in 2013
actually hurt people and it proves our need to live "UP" in space, just like the ancients say god or gods do. Well, I'm 53 and I've
never seen this happen before. My "LIGHT-BULB" goes off and I suddenly realize, "Wow"! The sky is the only place we can achieve
"IMMORTALITY"!!! Wow, wow, wow! If so, then heaven must be filled with scientists! Alright! The only people who would have
survived, if it was "THE BIG ONE", are the space-station inhabitants!!! Ancient man's heaven is the sky. Today, I film flying saucers
in the "SKY" and am putting together a show called "Ufo finders live" with the world's leading UFO hunter Jeff Willes! Please check
out our 1st two shows on you-tube as well as many other videos and tell everyone. I want to thank Jeff for helping me find and film
my first flying saucer. It changed my "REALITY" forever. Please buy his videos, please? They possess a scientific treasure-trove of
evidence, that could not only answer all our questions, about Mankind's mystery, but let us see for ourselves who these people
are, what they travel in and how this explains the primitive spirit image of them we have today. I owe Jeff a great deal of gratitude.
Seeing is "BELIEVING"! Please check out all of our other products. In doing so, you can help us make our show, a household
name, worldwide. We will prove that these saucers are everywhere. We will do it, by going to every major city in the world and
finding them, for you. Also, we will show you how to find them!!! Most importantly, we will give all of our money away, to the
children's hospitals and prove our sincerity, about making the world a better place. We are doing this for all children! This is my
promise to the world!!! I challenge everyone to do the same. It's time for everyone, to put their money, where there mouth is. Put up
or shut up time!!! Logic rules.
Ufo finders live show and
meteor prevention project